Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moderation and Comments

Suge and I have the option of reading all comments before we choose to publish them or not. Posting rude and hurtful comments under the anonymous name will get you no where fuck head. This is the second time you've come here trying your lame attempt at a joke at someone else's expense. If you think this blog is a joke then move on. If you're here just to be an ass hole, find another place to play. It's not hard to figure out who you are. There are only two places this blog is linked from. Facebook and I suggest you rethink your childish actions before we narrow it down and call you out, shit brain.



  1. OMG! What the fuck? I don't always check the comments to approve them, so I haven't seen em.

  2. Oh geez, really? REALLY? How breathtakingly brave! How stunningly original! How . . . .oh geez.

    Why am I surprised? Ball-less wonders do tend to be brainless as well. But still . . . .


  3. There are a lot of crazyheads on at the moment. HTDA has brought them out of the woodwork.