Tuesday, September 14, 2010





I am fortunate to have the circle of friends that I have. Some haven't been pictured but they know they belong.

I spent all of last week showing my appreciation to my friends. I took April, Mirm, Kimmeh and Boris out to dinner (separate occasiona). I was going to take my sissy out but she trumped me and ended up paying for lunch instead.

It felt good to show my appreciation to my friends. It's not like I was trying to buy their affection but more so that I was trying to prove a point that said, "Look, yer stuck with me, here's some food, get over it!" Okay maybe not that message but that I really care about them and am glad they are in my life. Sometimes, you don't hear that enough. And you need to.

Plus, we're all pretty rad together. I'm pretty sure we could take over the world if we decided to do something other than grab each other inappropriately :)

To friendship! CHEERS! :D