Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where Has It Gone?

This year has gone by so fast. So many things have happened and so many people have come and left from me. It's crazy thinking about all that has transpired in these short 11 months, I wish I could go back in time and marinate myself in the special times I had.

 I'm glad I started to lose weight again and ran my first 5k this year with my best friend Sarah. We set a huge goal for ourselves and did an amazing job the first time around. I'm proud of us!

 I'm still at loss for words over Jake. It still doesn't seem real that he was here and now gone. I miss him. Dancing till 4am with Sarah and Mirm was the best, we closed that club down! We really do have the best time together! Denny's?

 Taking a break from my marriage to find happiness, that was tough. I met some special people and some not so special people. Josh, you are a total asshole. I'm sorry you live your life that way, not caring about anyone. It's a shallow existence and one day you'll regret every minute of it. Jason, you need help. Brandon, I could be a special someone, to someone else. Jed, you tall fucker you. I still have the hots for you, but hanging out with you as friends is working too. You're cool, just get your shit together. Last but not least Scotty. You have turned into a special friend. You are amazing in every way...just ease up on the throttle a little. After meeting all these different people I decided the time wasn't right for the split and Dave had agreed that he's got some work to do. For now, I'm still married.

 Work has been tough. I'm slowly going over the edge. The responsibilities have become massive and I still haven't had a raise. Although I've hit the third year without one, I will stick it out and see what comes of it. Again...

 NOLA...what can I say? Was the best vacation by far that I've ever taken without the fam. We rocked that town, and spent a lot of money doing it. We saw everything there was to see and ate everything there was to eat. Spent a night singing to the jukebox in a bar, had our auras read in a voodoo shop, and shat my brains out from the Muffletta. Good times...

This year was a blast, good and bad. I'd do it all over again, perhaps somethings I'd do a little better.


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