Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The year is almost over and it has been a hellacious one at that. Friendships gained, friendships lost. Car accidents. A trip to New Orleans. Moving. And just general fucking around. 

I cannot pinpoint a favorite of this year. Becoming friends with Jake and then losing that friendship was bullshit. The lies that ensued cost me my friendship with Veronica but we are speaking and ironing out the creases and figuring shit out. No idea if we'll go back to being the friends that we used to be but I don't hold grudges for long. I prefer to make amends or at least figure out where everything fell apart. I decided to take a step back from it all and just focus on me, in hopes that eventually, I'd either get over it or wanna figure it out. A little of both happened.

The trip to New Orleans was amazing. Far better than the first time I went. We spent so many days just walking around, taking pictures and checking shit out. I was sad to leave but happy to be home until I got home and wished I hadn't left at all. The place was magical, it bonded mine, Kimmeh's and April's friendship. There are so many inside jokes from that trip, it makes me smile when I think about it. It was a blast and I hope to have many more trips like that in the coming year.

I moved again this year. I figured that this would be the last time I moved but the more I think about it, the more I think I'm ready to look into getting my own house. That, of course, depends on whether or not I can afford it. I desire my own place, I desire to have a place where there's enough parking for my friends when they come to visit. I want a place where I can be loud, a place that I can design to better fit my needs. We'll see if that happens. 

I also got a new car this year, after some dood in a jeep totaled my Versa. With that, I figured that the car I recently got (a Sentra) will be with me for a long while. It's a great car and I will definitely take better car of it. I will also try to be a better driver but no guarantees. 

I also lost a lot of weight this year and got more serious about shedding the weight. I became a gym nazi for awhile and then suffered some serious burnout. A break is needed every now and then. I shrank about three pant sizes and hope that I can keep losing. I'm at that point where it becomes harder and harder to lose the weight but I'm determined. Even though I still feel like a fat monster, I am getting smaller. I only wish that with my size shrinking, that maybe my negativity would too. Or is that a permanent thing? Ah the life of a realist...

There were many other memorable things that happened this year but the one thing I'm thankful for (aside from my health) is the people in my life. Family, friends, even a few coworkers. It's been a life altering year and I hope next year is even better. Maybe with less car accidents this time...

Here's to the new year, bitches!

 Love, Suge <3

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  1. My year hasn't been nearly as interesting as yours and I'm very glad it's almost over. I hope you do get to move into a house. I'd love to do the same but I'll be happy to settle for a new apartment which my son Pete says he'll help me with financially (first and last months' rent). I also hope you keep up with the weight loss just because I love you and want you to be healthy. HAPPY NEW YEAR, SUGAR!